As the age of 28, I was successful, traveled a lot on business, built a house, had a family and a son, took care of a family holiday home … Due to daily loads and lack of recreation, I had low back pain and had difficulty driving a car.

“As the inserts and back support products available on the market did not help me, I was forced to take action and formed my own splint from two glued wooden boards and by sanding the wood mass, which fit my spine perfectly and I put it in the car seat.
Splint helped a lot."

It was completely rigid, the point was that it didn’t lose its shape while riding and didn’t deform excessively, like all the other cushions and splints I’ve tried. I saw the wooden splint as a product that could help another person with low back pain.

When analyzing the possibility of mass production of a wooden splint, I encountered many problems and concluded that the production of a wooden back support does not justify competition, the production was expensive due to many hours of woodworking. For a long time, it did not give me peace of mind how to provide a shape and material that would provide sufficient constant back support without excessive deformation of the shape and at the same time assured the comfort of the seat splint.

The design and search for materials and processing methods began. The first prototype was made of plexiglass for easy processing and tested. With effort and time, we found the appropriate structure, shape, flexibility and at the same time sufficient resistance to the shape of the product.

After all the testing and repairs, the final outcome is useful lordisc splint, designed as a “smart solution”.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works!"

– Steve Jobs –

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