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Send us your desirable graphic (min. 5 MB and 3000 x 3000 px in size) and we will make you your CUSTOM Lordisc.

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“Lordisc is a smart and functional solution for a car seat or office chair. It solves the problem of spine back pain. The seat device provides sufficient and constant support and it is breathable and comfortable support. Lordisc is constructed as a smart and functional solution that provides comfort and relaxation of tired muscles and relieving the pain.”

In Your Car
For all those who face pain in the lumbar region of the spine, Lordisc is a great solution. It is recommended to use a seat device while the pain is present. If there is no pain, the device is not suitable for use. Installation of the device is extremely simple with the belt provided and the safety buckle.
Adjusting the device according to the desired comfort and body composition is assured with an adjustable seat belt.

In your Office
Lordisc is an excellent solution for the constant support of the lumbar spine and is recommended to use even at a time when the pain is not present, as it provides pleasant back support and a comfortable feeling of sitting throughout the time.

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Dimensions 36 × 34 × 8.5 cm